Healing the body through magic words and wisdom.

1:1 Wisdom Guidance

My name is Sonja (root meaning: wisdom). I am a wisdom guide who specializes in teaching people how to feel so they can heal. 

 I support my clients during times of transition and transformation, offering a way to rewrite the narrative of what brought you here and what you’re going to do with it. 

My background includes extensive training in intuitive healing, Ayurveda, the deeper teachings of yoga, somatic sex education, and emotional healing. I weave that together to guide clients toward better emotional and physical digestion, overcoming perfectionism, healing sexual trauma through pleasure, embracing feminine energy, creative expression, and parenting as a path of spiritual growth.

You can learn more about my personal story, including the teachers who have influenced me, here.

“Sonja is a wise, authentic guide teaching deep and mind-blowing truths using a fun, light-hearted approach


What does a Wisdom Guide do?

In walked the doctor
In walked the nurse
In walked the lady with the alligator purse

“Miss Susie,” a traditional American children’s rhyme


A wisdom guide stands in a place that certain women have occupied since the beginning of existence. We are not doctors, nor nurses. Our alligator purses may appear empty (except for some tools that seem far too simple to have an effect) but when we begin our work, there is no doubt that what we do is real.

The work of a wisdom guide looks like deep listening. It looks like seeing and being seen. It looks like emotional and embodiment practices that guide you to the deep river of wisdom inside you.

Through this work, you’ll find your most terrible choices, worst illnesses, greatest betrayals, and deepest fears lead you directly to your greatest superpowers, if only you know how to look.

What’s Included:

When you work with me, you’ll join my community, The Nest. Not only will you get regular 1:1 wisdom guidance sessions, you’ll also receive exclusive members-only content, access to Awake in The Nest (a live monthly gathering), and discounts for upcoming courses.

All memberships begin with an initial intuitive emotional healing and Ayurvedic assessment. Because the work builds with consistency, I ask for a six-month commitment from all new clients.

  • Gold gets you twice monthly 1:1 sessions, access to my Secret Journal, Awake in the Nest live monthly gathering, and discounts on courses.
  • Sapphire gets you weekly 1:1 sessions, plus all the above
  • Diamond gets you twice weekly 1:1 sessions, plus all the above

“Sonja’s gifts never cease to amaze me. Her intuition and insight is spot on. Sonja has helped me find peace, clarity and healing during the most difficult times of my life.”


Meet the Wisdom inside You

Who is right for this work?

We all deserve to be witnessed. No — we all need to be witnessed.


Which level is right for me?

Most people begin at the Sapphire level (weekly), and then after some time, move down to the Gold level (twice monthly) to keep the momentum. The Diamond level (twice weekly) is best when you are emerging from a state of crisis — such as after a divorce, death, illness, job loss, etc. — to find your wings or to trust that you’ve always had them.


You are your best guide in this decision (and all your decisions), but here are some questions to consider:


  • Are you in the midst of a crisis, such as divorce, grief, job loss? If so, where are you in the process: beginning, middle, end, or upside down?
  • What does your support system look like, such as friends, a partner, or other family?
  • What kinds of demands are on your time, including job, health, children, etc.?
  • What can you realistically afford (recognizing that “I can’t afford it” is an easy excuse to avoid dealing with an issue)?


No matter which level you’re interested in, the best place to start is a free phone call. Reach out and see what’s inside my alligator purse.

The Journal

Yoga Nidra on Perfection

Yoga Nidra on Perfection

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The Wisdom of Perfection

The Wisdom of Perfection

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Sex and the Sixth Sense

Sex and the Sixth Sense

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“On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure.”

The Bhagavad Gita 2:40