Healing the body through magic words and wisdom.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Intuition is the spark of understanding. It allows us to see into the corners of our experience that are a little dusty, a little covered in cobwebs.

Emotions are the felt experience of life. They, too, are sparks, but often we mistakenly store them in our bodies in order to avoid repeating a negative situation, or to replicate something positive.

Healing is the experience of being seen, in all the shades in which you exist.

I offer intuitive emotional healings via video conference (or old fashioned phone call) to shed light on the unexplained, to get insight into a specific area of your life, or to release stuck emotions that are binding you.

You’ll receive insight into the why behind big events in your life, past life readings, Akashic record journeys, and a deeper understanding of your purpose in life.

Our sessions will be remote (neither intuition nor emotion exist in time or space) via video chat or simple telephone, always recorded and sent to you to relisten and hear what I reflected from you.

“I love this work because it helps to shine light on areas that my mind can not access because I’m living inside my own life.”


Who is this work right for?

Emotions are often stirred up during life passages, those times in which we are being asked to shed something in order to create something new. Intuitive healings are a tool to soothe the spirit, bring peace to the body, and calm the mind during and after these times.


In nearly 20 years of doing this work, I have found that the most powerful sessions occur for those who:

  • are passing through a difficult time emotionally, such as pregnancy, menopause, career transition, divorce, or the many other friction points in life.
  • are healing from or preparing for surgery or childbirth.
  • have lost a loved one, through death, divorce, or distance.
  • are looking to release themselves from negative relationship patterns, and make space for new.
  • have an unanswered “why” in their lives, such as understanding their calling or digesting a difficult experience.


Want to share a unique gift for birthdays, holidays, weddings, or anniversaries (I do individual or couple’s sessions).

Are you looking for a starting point for 1:1 work with me? Book an intuitive emotional healing today. If you sign up for The Nest at Gold level or above within two weeks, I’ll apply the price of the healing to your first monthly membership.

“Sonja’s gifts never cease to amaze me. Her intuition and insight is spot on. Sonja has helped me find peace, clarity, and healing during the most difficult times of my life.”


Who is not right for this work?

It’s true: Some people don’t resonate with this work. (That doesn’t mean skeptics — I actually love people who hire me to find out if I am actually psychic!) I don’t recommend one-time intuitive emotional healings to those who:


  • need ongoing work to resolve deep trauma or difficult patterns (you’ll be better served by regular work — join The Nest at the Gold level or above for 1:1 work instead or see this session as a starting point for working with me).
  • believe that all their problems will go away after one session (healing is a way of being, not a destination).
  • want to manipulate others’ energy or “fix” someone else’s problems.
  • have fear of intuition or psychic powers and aren’t ready to unpack the truth that we all have these abilities.


It would be my honor to show you a new way to see yourself. Book your intuitive emotional healing today.

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“On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure.”

The Bhagavad Gita 2:40