Awaken your wisdom with Ayurveda, intuitive guidance, and yoga.

Welcome to Awake in The Nest, a live, virtual gathering for wild exploration.


Join us at 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Pacific Time on the third Wednesday of the month to play, explore, and rewrite the story of your life.

What Is Awake in The Nest?

If there is one thing that each of us needs to feel more able to make clear and honest decisions in our lives, it is time for wild exploration. In other words, we need time to ask “what if?”

If there is a second thing we need, it is a community who lovingly supports you to do this work.

Awake in The Nest is a monthly gathering that meets both these needs. 

Each month, members of The Nest at the Silver level or higher gather virtually to explore a theme I’ve curated to guide your self-discovery. This gathering marks a time to explore, try on, and question what the theme means to you so that you can reshape your relationship with it.

I’ll announce the theme through an anchor journal post (accessible to The Nest members at the Copper level or higher) that goes live in the first week of the month. Our gathering, which happens on the third Wednesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. PT, begins with a wisdom talk on that month’s theme, followed by guided embodiment practices and journaling prompts to support you to develop a new story about your life.


How Do I Join?

All members of The Nest at the Silver level and higher receive access to Awake in The Nest as part of their monthly membership.

Because it’s important to me that this remains a fully safe space, with conversational continuity for those who attend, one-time tickets are not being made available.

Instead, if you’d like to talk about what you’ll experience during these gatherings, please feel free to schedule a call with me, so that I can answer your questions!


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Common Questions

Who is this for?

Awake in The Nest is designed for anyone who is looking to write a different story about their lives. If you’re sick of the voices in your head criticizing your choices, tired of chasing perfection, or totally confused about what you want out of life, Awake in The Nest is for you. This gathering is a chance to build a relationship with the strong, loving voice of your higher self — the place where wisdom resides.


The gathering is for anyone who is looking to inject a little lighthearted devotion into their life, make new friends, or practice tools you learn from 1:1 Wisdom Guidance, BodyStory, and more.

Can men and nonbinary folx attend?

Awake in The Nest is a place of inclusion, exploration, and learning. Everyone’s experience is welcome.

Who is not a fit for the gathering?

Awake in The Nest is not a replacement for 1:1 Wisdom Guidance, though the group gatherings can be a potent supplement. If you are in need of time devoted to your personal experience, I recommend working with me 1:1. You’ll get the gathering as part of your membership.

What if I can’t make it live?

I’ll record the gatherings and share them with all members of The Nest at the Silver level or higher within 24 hours.

Can I try it out before I sign up for a membership?

To keep Awake in The Nest a safe, continuous container, one-time passes aren’t available. If you want to know what you can expect, reach out to schedule a call with me.

Level 1: Access the Nest

Meet the Wisdom inside You

Access to the Awake in the Nest Live Gathering also comes with Wisdom Guidance Nest Tiers, if you’re looking for more advanced 1:1 support in your journey. (See more information about Wisdom Guidance Tiers HERE)


The Journal

Yoga Nidra on Perfection

Yoga Nidra on Perfection

Your body is perfect. Every part of you is divinely given. There are no mistakes in your form. Everything you call a flaw is a point of experience and self-discovery. Your body, the vessel of your spirit, is perfectly imperfect.  Let this practice of yoga nidra remind...

The Wisdom of Perfection

The Wisdom of Perfection

(Listen to the audio version below) I’d like to introduce you to a perfect beauty. She's not Instagram perfect. Not Hollywood perfect. She's not photoshopped and collagen plumped, filtered and cropped. The kind of perfect that I’m escorting to this party is different....

Sex and the Sixth Sense

Sex and the Sixth Sense

This post is part of the series called The Spiritual Side of Sex. What if proof that intuition exists can be found on any dating app? A friend texted me recently about a date he’d gone on. How was it? I asked. She was pretty, he said, but there was no chemistry. This...

“On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure.”

The Bhagavad Gita 2:40